When George met Daniel.  


It was a dreary Tuesday evening in Islington, London, sometime around October 2008. George was sitting in his local, contemplating the future of his events start-up. It had great potential, but didn’t really excite him. Daniel walked in, looking for a place to charge his mobile phone. He was beaming, thinking about a chance discovery he just made in Italy: Prosecco on tap! It was a real Cheers moment – two guys, sitting at the bar, having a beer, starting a conversation about life in general. Soon they discovered their common passion for wines and a bond was formed. What if they could build a business serving wines on tap? 

They decided to set up shop together. After the usual set-backs, business took off, initially slowly but then the word spread. Their venture flourished and soon they formed Frizzenti, pioneering a wide range of wines on tap, served across bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants across the UK. When they had a chance to establish their own bar in Birmingham Grand Central, they jumped upon the opportunity. 


The business thrived and with that, new ideas developed. Why stop at wines? What about using the on-tap methods to dispense pre-batched cocktails? And so the search started for outstanding mixologists who shared a vision of disrupting the traditional cocktail market. Not to replace it – what’s better than dwelling at your favourite cocktail bar experiencing the craft of a top bar tender mixing your special – but to make quality cocktails more accessible to everyone, no matter where. And so Liberation Cocktails was born.  


A wide range of top quality cocktails, pre-batched. Around a mission to make cocktails truly available wherever that special cocktail moment calls. Formulated by top mixologists, with craft distillery spirits from artisan producers, fresh ingredients including British strawberries, Brazilian limes, cane sugar, Rainforest Alliance coffee and Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, free of additives and artificial ingredients.  


Today, Liberation Cocktails is the UK market leader in pre-batched cocktails,  available on tap, in bottles and in cans. And you may have seen the Liberation Cocktail Cruiser in your street, serving drinks where you want them to be served. And believe it or not, George and Daniel still enjoy hanging out together, preferably around a cocktail. Want to have a chat with them? Get in touch! 




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